Jarred Hess

Software Engineer

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Send realtime push notifications without developing an app. This project has an IOS and Android mobile app that was built using React Native, as well as a webserver backend that was built using Python and Flask. Notificator allows orginizations to use our web app to send mobile push notifications to users that have the Notificator app.

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Track the score of competitions, sports events, classrooms, and more. This project is a free online app to create leaderboards and track the score of competitions. The backend was built using Python and Flask, and the frontend is the Bootstrap framework.

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TraceXRPL is a proof of concept application that allows products to be linked to NFTs on the XRPL, immutably update and record production status, and verify authenticity of products. This is my first open-source project and is actively being worked on. For a more in depth overview, the whitepaper has technical information.

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XRPL Bounties & Hackathon

The XRPL is a decentralized, public blockchain, created by Ripple Labs. I have completed and been awarded 2 paid 'bounties' and a code hackathon, both hosted by Ripple.

  • Python code samples to Monitor Incoming Payments: View
  • Account-Based TOML Lookup Bounty: View
  • Unlocking the Potential of XRP Ledger: View